Warranty and Returns

  • Buyers can only request for a return/refund when your order is:

    • Cancelled by the Seller
    • Refund request has been accepted by the Seller.
    • Dispute has been accepted by Galleon Mercado. Again, Galleon Mercado arbitrates and provides resolution to a dispute within 2 business days.

  • Once a return/refund is approved by Galleon Mercado, Buyers will be notified through email and SMS. Refund process usually takes 8-10 business days.

    * Important Reminders:

    1. Return/Refunds due to change of mind will not be accepted.
    2. Please note that it depends on the type of product. Return of personal items such as undergarments, inner ware, perishable goods and grocery items, and adult products is prohibited.
    3. Buyers can only request for a return/refund once the dispute has been approved by Galleon Mercado.

    * Follow the instructions on how to request for return/refund:
    1. Provide us your Full Name, Phone number you used upon placing the order and the Order No.
    2. Give us a detailed reason why you request for return/refund.
    3. Buyers may contact our Customer Service Team through:

    Live Chat through our FB Page:
    Email: [email protected]