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Electrolarynx Labex Comfort Grey

Electrolarynx Labex Comfort, Grey color



If you have an active lifestyle, address different groups of people often or live in a household with kids or pets, the Labex Comfort may be the best option for you. It makes it easy to switch between volumes in a variety of places like restaurants, worship services, book clubs or large households. The Labex Comfort ensures that use user is clearly heard by their intended audience without disturbing others.

The Labex Comfort is one of the smallest and lightest electrolarynx devices on the market. It only weighs 168 grams, ensuring maximum portability! The Labex Comfort runs on standard 9V batteries. We include two 9v Li-Ion rechargeable batteries as well as a smart charging station with every Comfort purchase. It is made from super durable, shock-resistant plastic.


  • Two button design for functionality and comfort
  • Each button has its own volume and tone
  • Each button is fully configurable
  • Digital control allows 4 hours of speaking time
  • Easy-to-see LED battery warning
  • IP54 water and dust resistant
  • When Two Buttons Are Better Than One