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Type Others
Color Green
Specialty Food Type Organic


Great source of Amino Acids and Vitamin C- According to the said report, that throwing the seed is not suggested because most of the highly essential amino acids can be found in its seed. The plant and most of its parts are edible – Almost all parts of the Sayote can be eaten from its fruits, roots, stems, shoots and leaves. Very affordable – Chayotes are affordable because the supply of these is always high. Treats and prevents particular illnesses – Its fruits and shoots contains diuretic, cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory properties which helps in preventing and treating some illnesses. Can be eaten raw – Eating raw may not be common in the Philippines but on other countries the raw of it is used as ingredients in their salad. Easily grows – Growing the plant does not need much attention as long as you give it fertilizer and water and planted in a place with a temperature and soil conducive to its growth. Helps lose weight – It is because Sayote is low in calories. Anti-Cancer – As stated above, the Sayote is rich in Vitamin C wherein according to the report of Pinoy Health Guide, Vitamin C is protects us from radical causing cancer. Strengthens bone – Sayote is also rich in Vitamin K that strengthensbone and teeth. Improves brain health – Eating it daily helps enhance brain memory and its function."